Technology Center

We operate centralized technology centers where we preassemble devices, rework them, install software and perform other customer specific device configurations. At the locations of these technology centers, UNI-DATA also provides secure warehousing and project stocks.

In our technology centers, all devices get prepared by us in such a way that the subsequent delivery and installation at the end customer site is possible with only little time and effort. Also, devices are equipped, modified or customer branded according to individual wishes and specifications.

Our services performed in our Technology Centers:

  • Customizing
  • Hardware installation/de-installation (e.g. changing a PC hard drive)
  • Customized device paint jobs or foliation
    • Inventory and labelling
  • Device assembly
  • DOA check / functionality check
  • Image and software installationen
  • Configurations and settings
  • Return handling
  • Old device reworking
  • Cleaning
  • Disinfection
  • Error analyses
  • Repairs
  • Completing (take 2 make 1)
  • Functionality check
  • Data deletion
  • Device repairs (e.g. also warranty case handling
  • BGV A 3 checks