Our own project department provides you with experienced managers and technicians who will project the planned rollout right from the very start together with you and look after the entire organization and implementation.


Our services around Rollouts:


Rollout planning

  • Timeline scheduling
  • Ressource planning
  • Site survey
  • Asset data collection
  • Data management
  • Pilot planning and execution
  • Escalation management
  • Fall-back scenarios
  • DOA
  • Project specific issues


Order Management

  • Controlling the order relevant interfaces
  • Staff
  • Logistics
  • Technology
  • Staging
  • Hardware (new / old)
  • Order monitoring
  • Process optimization


Hardware exchange on-site (“migration”)

  • Checking the integrity of all goods on-site (e.g. goods get delivered by a third party, and on-site technicians accept and replace them)
  • Taking goods to the user / place of deployment
  • Device de-/installation
  • Cabling
  • Electricity
  • LAN
  • Peripherals
  • Other
  • Software installation
  • User related configurations
  • Other
  • Functionality check / DOA check (DoA = Death on Arrival; i.e. new device is broken)
  • Data back-up / data restoration
  • Other project specific services


User instruction / on-site support during hardware migrations

  • User instruction
  • Group training
  • Project specific content according to order
  • “First Aid” helper during first-time device use
  • Remote support (hotline)
  • Recording problems and supply to customer for quality improvement