IT Workstations

IT Workstations

UNI-DATA is your expert for IT workstations. We organize rollouts as well as technical maintenance for PCs, notebooks, printers and monitors.

In our technology centers, we prepare devices for shipping by installing software according to customer specifications, and by adding accessories or extra parts. Next, the devices get installed by our on-site service technician, the data from the existing devices are transferred to the new machines, and the old devices are then professionally disposed of.

Our services for IT Workstations:

  • Planning, project management and execution of rollouts
  • Pre-installation in our technology center
    • Software installation
    • Installation/de-installation of hardware
    • Inventory and labelling
    • Image and software installation
    • Configurations and settings
    • Repairs
  • Delivery to the final operation site
  • Commissioning
  • Integration into the network
  • Technical support
  • Ticket management
  • Service work
  • Technical on-site service
  • Spare parts management

IT Workstations


Handling of rollouts


Delivery to place of use


Swap service


Installation of devices


Connection to networks


Handover to the customer