Cashier Systems / Retail Solutions

We offer solutions targeted particularly at retailers, whenever it’s about rollouts, installation and set-up, service and maintenance, or repairs of cashier systems and payment terminals. New machines delivered within the scope of the rollout get preinstalled in our technology centers and get customized there. Next, we deliver the machines to their place of deployment, install them on-site and integrate them into the existing network.

In case of defects, our technicians will exchange the broken components. Predictably and reliably.

Our services for Cashier Systems:

  • Planning project management and execution of rollouts
  • Pre-installation in our technology center
    • Software installation
    • Installation/de-installation of hardware
    • Inventory and labelling
    • Repairs
  • Delivery to the final operation site
  • Commissioning
  • Integration into the network
  • Technical support
  • Ticket management
  • Service work
  • Technical on-site service
  • Spare parts management